Welcome to Heroes in Hard Hats.

We provide work opportunities to as many of the 15,000 service leavers each year as possible.

Our Mission

Offer support and training to each person who joins our company.

Ensure a smooth transition from the MOD into a new role within the construction industry.

Understanding the one size fits all does not work so we tailor requirements on individual basis.

To support the families of the wounded sick and injured personnel.

To open a training facility to offer apprenticeship.

To break the stigma behind mental health in the workplace.

What we do

We specialise in setting up work placements for ex-service personnel, along with those who have been discharged from the military on medical grounds. 

Heroes in Hard Hats project is also to assist injured ex-service personnel transition back into meaningful employment through our 6 step program.

The Pilot

We were fortunate enough to pilot Heroes in Hard Hats project at the Defence & National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) in Loughborough founded the late Duke of Westminster. The DNRC when open in March 2018 will be a state of the art treatment and research facility for armed forces personnel and will take over from the existing Headley court.

We have successfully placed 11 injured ex service personnel at the DNRC it has been an inspiration and privilege to be part of such a wonderful project.

After the success of our pilot scheme, we will now be launching Heroes In Hard Hats on construction projects throughout the UK.


The Foundation

Family Focus

Paid leave for support meetings

Covers costs for training & PPR



My name is Chris Corbett and I have been a patient at Combat Stress since January 2015, recently I have been back into work after taking a 16-month rest period due to PTSD. 

The company I have been working for are called Heroes in Hard Hats who employed me to a job on the new Defence National Rehabilitation Centre in Loughborough, they took me on because of my military background but also took in to consideration my mental health issues and have took care and consideration when it comes to my medical needs.

This has been helpful in regard to building up confidence, putting me back into a routine, give me a sense of pride and giving me a purpose in life again. It has also helped build a relationship back up with my family and friends which was a big problem for me. This is just a few of the issues in life that Heroes in Hard Hats have helped me out with.

- Chris Corbett

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